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Work progresses on Cliff Drive Park November 26, 2007

As you may have noticed, the city has made strides in their work on Cliff Drive Park. Mike Griggs, park services manager for the Parks and Recreation Department, recently said that the project should hopefully be completed within the next few weeks.The department has been working on the park for about a year now.

Construction of Cliff Drive Park has taken over a year because it was not on the initial list of city projects, Griggs said. Cliff Drive Park development has been done when Parks and Rec Department employees were not performing emergency or priority tasks, Griggs said.

After meeting with residents at various times to receive input and insight, workers have cleared brush and made room for a few pieces of playground equipment. The project costs about $10,000, Griggs said. The funds originate from the Park Sales Tax, part of the department’s annual park improvement project fund.

cliffdrive_11122007.jpg dscf0028.jpg dscf0025.jpg

If you haven’t visited the park yet, be careful. The slope to the lone swing set and jungle gym is steep. Also, watch out for the giant rocks behind the jungle gym.


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